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Arkansas Big Ideas to Improve Your Home's Driveway

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Arkansas Big Ideas to Improve Your Home's Driveway

Gardens and yards are wonderful things to have, but you can't always use them when you want to. You don't want to have to avoid a part of your home for half of the year, just because the weather isn't good enough. So how can you make sure you get the most out of your garden when the sun is shining, and perhaps even use it when the weather's less than stellar? One of the best things you can do is install an outdoor structure. If you're single, a couple or a family with kids, you could build something outside that improves the experience of your garden tenfold. There are gazebos and pergolas, greenhouses, and even treehouses to make your yard a more exciting place to spend time in.

Gazebos and Pergolas

If you want some shelter from the sun, or perhaps from the rain, a gazebo or pergola could be what you're looking for. A gazebo tends to be a freestanding structure with surrounding sides and a roof while a pergola is usually attached to the side of your house. If a pergola is freestanding, it tends to be just a framework, instead of a solid structure. Pergolas can be great for creating a canopy over your patio or deck by your back door. But if you want something more private and secluded, perhaps a gazebo in the corner of the garden would be better for you. They can be quite romantic, or a lovely place to have a dinner party.


Fences might not be a structure that you can sit under, but they can brighten up your yard while giving you some extra privacy. If you're looking for a DIY project to do outside, you might want to start with installing a fence. Check out these tips before deciding to start a DIY fencing project so that you can be fully prepared. Of course, you might prefer to have a professional do it while you stand back and watch. You don't have to choose a wooden fence if you don't think it will fit the image of your garden. A metal fence or even a stone wall will make a great feature.

Pool House or Outdoor Living Space

If you have space, you can create a more robust structure outside. By leaving the sides of your structure open, you can have a substantial living space that's protected from the elements. To make it even more practical, you could have screens or walls that slide away. Your outdoor room could have everything from a kitchen and dining area to a fireplace and a TV. On sunny days, you can open it up to enjoy the outdoors, and when it's colder and wetter, you can sit in the warm and look out at your garden.


Most children dream of having a treehouse, but they're not just for kids. Adults can enjoy a treehouse too. If you have a tree capable of holding a cabin, you could even turn it into a spare bedroom to use in the summer.

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